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Own your end-to-end
customer relationship

It's time to empower your customers with an IT solution
that will overcome industry challenges and transform
how their organisation operates, helping to differentiate
you and your offerings.

The Sourcing Company, an industry leader in cloud
computing, brings you Instant Azure Stack, the hybrid cloud.

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The Sourcing Company

Partnership model

When you partner with us, our Azure Stack as a Service 
model will provide you with an additional commercial
opportunity, as well as allow you to leverage innovation
and offer a solution to your customers' increasingly 
complex infrastructure challenges. All this, with no
upfront costs on your part.

With Azure Stack, your will serve your customers'
needs by delivering greater agility and security,
in a cost-effective way. 


Own your end-to-end customers relationship



Highly scalable hybrid infrastructure
to meet changing business needs.
Tactically scaling in or out areas that
offer the best business results.



Build modern applications in a
dedicated cloud infrastructure,
and optimize applications by
incorporating cloud functionality
in legacy-applications.


Data Compliance

Highly regulated industries 
will meet regulatory
requirements as sensitive
data can be stored on-site with the help of

Data security

Data Security

Designed with security in mind,
data is protected against loss or theft
with all Azure Stack infrastructure
and tenant data have been coded at rest.


pay per use

Pay per use

Instant Azure Stack's 'pay-as-you-use'
model will only charge customers for
the services they use. Investments in
updating or adding hardware have been

laptop telefoon etc



 Stay in business

You can assure business continuity
for your customers with back up of data at 
multiple locations.

Increase competitiveness

A combination of hybrid cloud and a 
consistent DevOps process will maximise
developer productivity; bringing apps to
market faster, allowing your customers to
keep their business on track.

Remain compliant
Your customers need a private,
certified and scalable environment.
They require a high level of data
protection and security, Instant
Azure Stack will ensure continous compliance.

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Adapt to market changes

Free your customers to adapt hybrid cloud 
on their terms. Give them the scalability
to grow infrastructure instantly to meet
shifting market demands, without any
investment in hardware.



Connect better and faster

Instant Azure Stack will cut latency and
connectivity issues as data will be now
processed internally instead of online.

Reduce costs
Your customers will only pay
for what they use, with the same
payment model and flexibility as
in the public cloud.

Helping you to capitalise on the opportunity fully 

Let us guide you from initial cloud adaptation right through to cloud migration, with ongoing support after implementation in order to ensure you can fully
assist your end users on their journey to a hybrid cloud.


Through our unique partnership, being to benefit from the following added services:


Let us guide you through
adaptation and optimization so that you can
always meet the needs of your customers.





Certification Support

As the first HPE certified partner in 
The Netherlands, rest assured we meet
strict compliance requirements.






Managed Services

We will take care of any day-to-day
IT tasks, fully supporting and monitoring
your Azure environment with 24/7 support.





Technical Implementation

No technical expertise needed as our skilled
team of engineers are ready to assist with hybrid
cloud implementation.






Migration and Deployment

Our team of experts will remove the complexity
of migrating to hybrid cloud, making it as seamless 
as possible.

Discover how Instant Azure Stack can unlock opportunities for your business today

For more information on hybrid cloud solutions from The Sourcing Company, speak to one of our specialists today.