Windows Virtual Desktop

WVD is a cloud service for the virtualization of desktops and applications. This virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) provides simplified management, multisession Windows 10, optimizations for Office 365 and support for RDS environments (Remote Desktop Services). This is done entirely in Azure and therefore works with the built-in security and compliance features.

What is Virtual Desktop?

A flexible and scalable workplace, hosted in the cloud. safe and available anywhere in the world, from any type of device.

All advantages at a glance

  • Windows 10 (based on Windows 10 which gives a real user experience known to the people)
  • Office 365 integration (seamless integration without noticing that you are working in the cloud)
  • Scalable (automatic scaling, so never pay too much. And extra computing power where and when needed)
  • Flexible use (fully virtual Windows 10 desktop but also virtual app or a mix)
  • Prepared for the future. (This is how Microsoft wants to move forward with VDI)
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