Pleasant working at TSC

A pleasurable working environment  is what we stand for, both for our clients and for you, our future colleague. Our satisfaction comes from implementing our passion and enthusiasm to find the best-fitting, most ground-breaking IT solution for our users which can offer them complete peace of mind in all manner of working environments. Our highly valued services make the pleasurable working environment experience complete; our guiding principles are to achieve more by doing less every single day, and to work smarter through automation and highly efficient processes.

We are a growing and energetic group constantly on the look out for new talent. Do you have passion and are willing to learn everything there is to know about ICT and its underlying technology? If you do, we want to meet you!

We innovate
The Sourcing Company is a huge fan of innovative technology. We are currently working on Visual Scripting and have developed a complete software solution ('Magistra') for the legal sector. Our hybrid and private clouds are our pride and joy. Our package is made complete with Microsoft Azure Stack. Azure Stack, EMS, Intune and our on premise hybrid solution for Skype for Business make us top of our game. We are hurtling past the competition in all of these areas, ready to accomplish the full potential of an ICT solution.

Ronald Verweij, managing director: "The Sourcing Company participates in the Microsoft program to further develop, test and build new Azure Stack features. In April 2017,  we were involved in the program’s initial hackathon phase at the Microsoft  campus. Together with the Azure Stack team, we were able to build ARM templates for our Magistra proposition. "

Our vacancies

We are looking for a Junior Cloud Specialist

As Junior Cloud Specialist, you will work on challenging technical projects in your field of expertise and assist our users with their ICT issues on a day to day basis. Have you ever hacked your iPhone, built your own server farm at home or found out the best way to make coffee? These are a few of our favourite things! With us, you will be given the space to (further) develop your expertise. This can be done in areas such as Office365, Powershell script and Azure. Everything is negotiable! In addition to working on your personal development, you will also ensure that our clients can work in a pleasant environment by answering their questions and solving their problems at all levels, and to the best of your ability. You will also take care of our platform’s daily management and participate in projects for, and together with, our clients.

Which skills do we expect you to possess?

  • Client oriented: You know how to build up a good relationship with your customers and keep an eye on client satisfaction levels. You are visible and accessible.
  • Self-aware: You know your strong - and weak - points. You don’t rationalise mistakes or point the finger.
  • Team player: You are committed to your colleagues and know how to make the switch to an ‘us & them’ way of  thinking. You are approachable and help your colleagues do what is best for the company.
  • Good listener: You listen closely to other people's opinions, feelings and needs, and give others the chance to speak.
  • Pragmatic: You offer as many sensible, realistic and practical solutions to problems as you can find.
  • Immune to stress: You are reliable and can think clearly under stress.
  • Show integrity: You work in an ethical manner. You earn your colleagues’ trust and place the organization's interests above your own.
  • Flexibility: You can efficiently deal with complexity and change.
  • Ambitious: You aim high, constantly seeking knowledge and insight.

How do we work?
We work together in a number of teams, each allocated to their own client base, meaning you are given the opportunity to build up a good relationship with users and expand your expertise. Self-managing teams are one of our organisation’s cornerstones. In your team, you determine priorities as a group and take care of operations. We work according to the Agile method, and of course have a great time getting things done. We strive for highly satisfied customers - so far ,we score an 8 average  - and want to see you contribute to upholding and improving this.

What training level and work experience do you have?
There is no minimum requirement for work experience. You might be in the final phase of (part-time) study and taking your first steps towards your desired career, or maybe you have already climbed the first rung of the careers ladder. If you can intelligently work at an MBO (4) or HBO level, you are welcome.

We offer the following training opportunities
We have put aside a generous training budget. You will be given the space and time to bring your MCSE up to MVP certification. You can choose to become a Scrummaster, or follow Agile training. If you are grounded and reliable and you want to move forward,  we will be happy to help you!

What do we offer?

  • Competitive salary
  • Full time (40 hours) employment (32 hours is negotiable)
  • Generous training budget
  • We pay you proper attention and take you along on great team outings
  • Amazing colleagues (or at least, we think so) and an informal atmosphere
  • We work together, towards the future; your input counts
  • Collect Pleasurable Working Environment points and use them to get tools, programs, products and or courses to make your career with TSC even more incredible

Interested? Let us know! Send us your CV and motivation in a way that suits you

Send an e-mail to t.a.v. Roy Kijff or call 088-7711000.