With all of our products and cloud computing variants you are automatically given access to a professional ICT infrastructure.

To support your users and your local ICT infrastructure management, we offer you the following:

  • Professional user support for your organization;
  • Maintenance of your ICT infrastructure;
  • Dealing with any disruption to your ICT infrastructure;
  • Implementation of changes;
  • Our role in Project Management.

Professional user support

Employees can contact our central Service Desk with any questions or problems that relate to the system or to its various applications. Our team of experts will answer your questions and solve your problems over the telephone if this is at all possible. As our client, you determine the priority level of your call.


Maintenance of your ICT infrastructure

An on premise IT-administrator will be available for peripheral and network equipment maintenance, as well as carrying out tougher tasks. Resolving those non-urgent incidents which can only be tackled locally is part of the job.

Dealing with ICT infrastructure disruptions

Should problems arise within your ICT infrastructure our experts guarantee these will be remedied within a predetermined period. Alerts for disruptions and/or problems can be signalled by you and by us. In both cases, we will coordinate any actions necessary to remedy the situation.

Implementation of changes

Most disruptions within ICT infrastructures are the result of improperly implemented changes. If you wish to make alterations within your ICT infrastructure, let our Service Desk know which ones. These will then be assessed by our experts. Activities necessary for the responsible implementation of these changes will be discussed with you in a face-to-face meeting.

Our role in Project Management

If a change requires a more project-based approach, we can take you there in consultation with you. We work according to the project-based working method and Agile/SCRUM.