The Sourcing Company story starts in 2007 at Nyenrode Business University in Breukelen. At first, focus was mainly on outsourcing and managing our clients’ IT infrastructures. Since then, we have grown into a company with 30 employees and a client portfolio we can most certainly be proud of. As a cloud provider, we strive for excellence in service, with our own cloud platform at its core. Naturally, our guarantee of excellence includes providing everyone with a pleasurable working environment.

Everyone is always welcome

Our goal is to make you feel welcome at all times. The Hostmanship philosophy mirrors our personal point of view as regards high quality service. Our relationship with you stands central, as does our service.

Exclusively experts

Our experts know that outstanding user satisfaction takes priority. They will always go the extra mile. From advice to guidance in both complex and less intricate ICT issues, our colleagues will find the right solution for every challenge. The majority of our specialists have ITIL, Prince II and Scrum certification. Keeping this human knowledge base completely up-to-date is an instinctive trait at The Sourcing Company

Autonomous teams

We believe in the strength of our specialists. The only way in which they can come and stay in their power is by giving them full responsibility for the work. Our teams are self-managing, which makes it possible to switch more quickly.

Service that fits you perfectly

Our aim is that everyone works comfortably in the cloud. You will quickly get an idea of what that means for you and your employees. That is custom work. You can then use a test set-up, so that you know the strength of our approach. With our proven approach we transfer your company and your users to the Cloud inventory, planning, testing, final delivery, service) You will receive services that suit you


  1. We strive for a user satisfaction of 10 and meanwhile score an average score well above 8.
  2. Many customers were ahead of you
  3. Our highly certified data centers in the Netherlands endure the test every year
  4. Our customers save on ICT costs on average