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If citizens, governments and businesses address social and economic challenges as a single group, much more can be achieved. Technology makes it possible to use resources in a smarter and more efficient way. In short, Eurofiber exists to assist with the creation of a Smart Society.

Eurofiber Netherlands is a growing provider of high-quality digital infrastructure. With their own fiber-optic network and secure data centre, they are able to offer companies, governments and non-profit organizations a future-proof, open infrastructure. Companies which work with Eurofiber are given the freedom to choose the services, applications and providers necessary to them. The infrastructure provided by Eurofiber is the basis for smarter and more efficient use of resources through continuous exchange and unlimited data availability. The Sourcing Company is your key to access this high-end service.

Eurofiber, founded in 2000, is part of the Eurofiber Group. It is an organization with over 200 employees, with branches in Maarssen, Heerlen and Brussels (Belgium). The company is a renowned player in the optical fiber communications market.

Our Eurofiber partnership is unique in that we offer monthly subscriptions. In addition to this, Eurofiber provides direct connection to The Sourcing Company, guaranteeing our customers private network use. Eurofiber has the most avant-garde data centre in Europe, with premises in Groenekan.

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