Avoid work-related stress among your staff

This week is the week of work-related stress, a theme that affects many businesses. How can you prevent work-related stress right now? How is it that so many people suffer from stress? And trends seems to indicate that even young people are experiencing symptoms. How? Aren’t young people tougher and more resilient? They have the get up and go to deal with anything and have only just taken the first steps in their careers. Yet it is precisely this group that is increasingly suffering from work-related stress, which in some cases will lead to burn-out.


The cause of work-related stress among younger employees is relatively easy to explain; namely too high expectations. Furthermore, this sector of the work force is often in a phase of life which includes starting a family, resulting in less sleep and giving them  less opportunity to relax. Young people also tend to expect more from themselves and often feel that they have something to prove as regards their performance at work.

How can you, as an employer, prevent your staff from experiencing work-related stress today? How might you ensure that every member of your organization enjoys the correct balance in their work and private lives? The pleasurable working environment at The Sourcing Company is not merely a buzz word. In our company, the balance between private life and work is just as important as one’s performance. We are convinced that those who know how to separate private life from work produce overall better results. Our employees have peace of mind, knowing we allow them the opportunity to plan their working week around their private or family life. Can’t get to the office at 9:30?  Easy. Start at nine or half past ten. Want to get home before rush hour? Then go home early and get the rest of the day’s work done in the study at home. Or start early and finish early. What about a day at home, or at the beach, or just sitting in that gorgeous bistro? You can! More and more hotel and catering establishments offer areas where you can sit, enjoy and get your work done. These are often called flexible office spaces. But if you insist your staff remain in the office, make sure you give them a pleasant environment and a comfortable place to work. Create different spaces with different atmospheres, like a taste of home comfort, or a modern industrial theme.

Do you want your staff to avoid work-related stress and enjoy the right balance between work and private life? Would you like to offer them the opportunity to work where and when they want? Then transfer your entire company to the cloud and give your staff  the opportunity to work anywhere within any pleasurable working environment! We would love to tell you more, so please contact us today.


By The Sourcing Company | Dec 20th, 2017

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