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The Dutch IT channel plays an important and crucial role in the growth, innovation and digital transformation of the Dutch economy. Which is why, for the third time running, Dutch IT has organized the Dutch IT Channel Awards New Year’s Gala on January 18 at Studio21, Hilversum. This is where the entire industry gets together to network and celebrate this channel’s incredible power! And on January 18, 2017, we will be one of the nominees for Cloud Service Provider of the Year. Of which we are, of course, extremely proud. To win, we need your help. Ready to vote?!

We have been nominated due to the huge milestones championed by our company in the domain of cloud computing. No sector undergoes change like the IT sector. Technology and knowledge charge alongside each other at breakneck speed. The Sourcing Company attaches great importance to innovation and development, investing in the latest technology. After all, we believe that everyone should be able to work in complete comfort anywhere, and at any time. Our latest achievement involves the revolutionary Microsoft Azure Stack. By taking this unique step, we have become the pacemaker. We are the first HPE certified partner in the Netherlands to bring Azure Stack to its customers, making working in the Cloud even more appealing. It is now possible for you to determine which Azure functions run on Dutch Azure Stack hardware within the Dutch data centre of the Dutch Interxion provider.

It was at Microsoft’s invitation that we became involved in the development and testing phase of their latest product, Azure Stack. Because of this, we are now both Tier-1 and Tier-2 certified and true pioneers in this territory. We are one of the first company’s in the Netherlands able to offer our personal Azure Stack environment for the storage of our client’s business records. This is a first, which allows you to elude the problems of the public cloud with the convenience of Azure.

Microsoft Azure Stack is a cloud environment which facilitates Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) applications. We develop and maintain this system. With Azure Stack, the client determines where his data is stored, and at what speed, latency and security levels this data can be accessed. Licenses are settled per second or minute, making this the ideal method for temporary tests and acceptance environments and, more importantly, for performance flexibility. With the push of a button an environment can be deployed or updated through auto-scaling. This is obviously extremely cost-effective. With Azure Stack, TSC utilizes the full potential of the IT landscape and pushes data integrity, data access and development speed to the next level.

In short, we have taken a huge stride in the world of the cloud and plan to take many more in the coming years. You can vote up until 5 January - category 4! Click here to vote for us, and please do not forget to confirm your vote in the mail.

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By The Sourcing Company | Dec 20th, 2017

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