How do microsoft office and Office 365 work?

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Office 365

The time of working exclusively with Office desktop applications, where you bought the latest version and installed it on your computer, are gone. You probably worked with the 2007, 2010 or 2013 editions for long periods of time. Fortunately, this is longer necessary and today we can always work with the latest version using an online solution such as Office 365. You no longer have to go through the frustration off major interface changes as the online solution undergoes continual improvement. Small improvements over weeks, instead of major changes every few years. You will never have to attend another interface training session again!

Hoe werkt Microsoft Office en Office 365?

Working online

You can access your account via the Office Online website ( and use programs such as Word and PowerPoint online.

Hoe werkt Microsoft Office en Office 365?



With one subscription you can install your applications on up to five devices, for example your tablet, iPhone and laptop. You can install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. All other applications are solely available online or with installation conditions.

Installing applications onto your device

In addition to online application access you can also install them onto your device, just like before. An installed version will still entitle you to the latest updates as long as your subscription is active. You never need work on an outdated version of an application again.

Synchronising files

The files you edit using Word Online and store in OneDrive can be accessed via your laptop. Of course, this works the other way round, too!


SharePoint is a Microsoft platform where you can share information, save files and facilitate (online) collaboration within a team or organization. An important concept are the libraries in which documents can be stored. You can store any digital object on SharePoint.

Office 365 in the Hybrid Cloud

In the Hybrid Cloud you use a combination of online and offline applications  in combination with data storage in the public or private Cloud. Depending on your requirements (speed, location, security, legislation) you decide which combinations suit you best

Office 365 for Business

There are a number of Office 365 variants; depending on your needs you can expand the package. We enjoy the Office 365 for Business experience, which includes the most sought-after Office applications. The Office package includes influential apps such as Outlook, Word and Excel, but also Skype for Business and extra online storage with OneDrive for Business. In addition to these well-known applications, Office Online offers a number of extra (online) apps that make the working environment and experience so much easier! These are on the whole quite obscure applications, but they are gaining more and more notoriety. You can use these applications online. Most of them can also be downloaded as desktop applications or used as mobile apps.


Yammer is a closed social network for organizations  based upon open communication. You can solve your problems through support channels, collect project and document feedback, and recommend and forward procedures.


Sway makes creating and sharing interactive reports, personal stories, presentations and much, much more simple. No design skills necessary. Sway does it all for you! You can create that extra special presentation in an instant.


In Teams you can manage multiple projects; very useful if you work with various teams carrying out different tasks. You can organize your meetings, files, notes and chats from one location. Tasks are made visible on a Scrum board; you can add and assign tasks for team members with ease, and view their progress, too. Teams work closely with SharePoint, Tasks and Planner and prevents duplication and double file storage.


Flow lets applications communicate with each other, based on set rules. For example, you can opt to receive a push message as soon as you receive an e-mail from a specific person, have your working hours tracked or label the next hour in your schedule as busy. Flow can communicate with all Office apps, as well as with Mailchimp, Oracle, Salesforce, Facebook, Youtube and WordPress.

Hoe werkt Microsoft Office en Office 365?

Work more efficiently with Office using shortcuts

Did you know that you can use several shortcuts in Office, making editing emails or Word documents a lot simpler? Download a handy A4 list of the most commonly used Word keyboard shortcuts here

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