How can I use a cloud service and stay secure?

How can I use a cloud service and stay secure?

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Hoe maak ik veilig gebruik van Cloud diensten?


What is cloud storage?
Everyone used  to keep a USB stick in their pocket; nowadays we are more likely to use cloud storage where you can store, read and share files. Cloud storage can be compared to space on a USB stick - data stored on an (unknown) computer connected to the internet. From your personal device (laptop, tablet or phone) you can connect to this computer via the internet and readily access your personal or company space in the cloud and stored files.

Types of cloud storage
To be aware of the risks associated with cloud storage, it is worth knowing exactly types of cloud are out there.


Hoe maak ik veilig gebruik van Cloud diensten?

Hybrid Cloud
The hybrid cloud is nothing more than a combination of public and private cloud services. This can be very handy for certain applications run on the private cloud where its accompanying data is stored in the public cloud.

Private Cloud
The private cloud uses virtual servers that are specifically reserved for a person or company. These servers are not shared with others and you know exactly where the location of your personal cloud is. Servers are often kept in a data centre provided with an uninterrupted power supply, internet connection, cooling system and security system. The user has a high level of influence, including access rights and location choice.

Public Cloud
A public cloud uses shared (virtual) servers owned by an external provider who in turn offers cloud storage services. You may use the hardware, to which the provider remains the owner. You therefore have limited influence, sometimes only on the amount of storage you want to purchase. Issues such as security and location are regulated by the provider and its location is often unknown to the end user.

The pros of cloud storage

  • Generous storage space for free or at low-cost
  • Available any time and from any location as long as you have access to an internet connection

Often available with backup; none of your data is lost

The cons of cloud storage

  • Your account could be hacked

You need an internet connection; working offline is not an option

How can I use a cloud service and stay secure?

  • Protect your account with a strong username and password  (read our strong password tips )
  • If possible, use two-factor authentication (fingerprint, telephone code, face recognition)
  • Connect via a secure network; never use public Wi-Fi networks
  • Do not store private files with information such as password lists, or copies of personal documents (passport, driver's license)
Hoe maak ik veilig gebruik van Cloud diensten?

Public cloud services
There are a huge number of (free) cloud services available; think of famous names such as Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive. It makes sense to read through the provider’s (unfortunately very long) privacy policy to be aware of which information you will be sharing with them. In a privacy policy you can read about how your intellectual property is protected, what data you share with the provider and what data the provider, in turn, shares with third parties. A free service must generate money for the provider somehow, so you should know what price you will have to pay in terms of privacy.

Hoe maak ik veilig gebruik van Cloud diensten?

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