4 simple tips to prevent internet fraud and enjoy a pleasurable working environment!

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Internet fraud! Who hasn’t heard of it? This is also called phishing (derived from ‘fishing’). Criminals lure you to a fake (bank) website, or to an illegal copy of the real website to fish for your data. You unsuspectingly type in your login and password or credit card number and then suffer the consequences of your unwitting mistake. Most forms of phishing occur via email. These fake mails are becoming increasingly slick and often look like the real thing, complete with logos and contact details. Mails can even seem to be sent directly from the tax office, KPN and ING; you might receive a KPN invoice, or a ‘you were not at home’ message from the post office.

You will know it’s a phishing mail because...

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  • the salutation is generic, not personal, beginning with ‘dear customer’, for example.
  • the layout of the mail might seem of a low quality; there may be spelling mistakes or sentences which sound odd.
  • the mail will ask you to verify an account in some way or other.
  • the mail will let you know that something negative will happen if you do not react immediately.
  • the link you are expected to click on has slight differences to the official address of the website it is pretending to be.

Four simple tips to avoid becoming victim to internet fraud:


1 klik nooit zomaar op links in e-mail

  1. Don’t click on a link without checking it first. You can check a link by hovering the mouse over it. Then you can see if the link and the official address match

Vier eenvoudige tips om fraude te voorkomen





2. If you are filling in personal or sensitive data online,  make sure the site is secured via an HTTPS address. Or look to see if the lock icon in the browser is closed. The site can be checked for SSL certification (which this lock represents) by clicking on the lock icon.

Zet de beveiligingssoftware nooit uit3. Never turn off security software. If your software blocks you from visiting a website, it probably has good reason to do so.

Gebruik sterke wachtwoorden en zorg ervoor dat het wachtwoord niet onthouden wordt


4. Use strong passwords and don’t use the ‘remember password’ function on your browser. By clicking on ‘remember password’, a password’s  function becomes obsolete.

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