As a lawyer you have to
can trust blindly
on the cloud.

Magistra, the most complete workplace for the legal sector.

Always and everywhere

Whether you are in the office, on the road or at home, you always have access to your e-mail and documents.

Safe and up to date

Your data is safely stored in the Netherlands, you always have the latest version of your applications.

Collaborate online

Working together safely and efficiently and
sharing files is easier
than ever, wherever you are.

The most complete workplace
for the legal sector

Magistra is a software solution specially developed for the legal profession that aims to create the online workplace for lawyers.

A workplace where time registration, creating and sharing documents and files and maintaining contacts are seamlessly integrated. Safe and efficient, accessible anytime, anywhere.

It perfect tools for every lawyer!

Legalsense time registration

  • Simply and accurately register hours per unit of your choice.
  • Registered hours are linked to your files, so you always have an overview.
  • Advanced options for searching, reporting, declaring and invoicing hours.

Microsoft 365

  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint: always the latest versions of the applications you are used to.
  • Collaborate and communicate with colleagues and customers with Skype for Business.
  • Your e-mail and calendar are always synchronized, your data is always safely stored in the Netherlands.

Contentworker filesharing

  • Secure sharing and collaboration on documents, with both colleagues and external parties.
  • Different rights structures for making folders and files accessible.
  • Real-time collaboration on files, notifications when changes are made to files.

We set the highest standards for our partners. Just like you.

Magistra does not take any risks when it comes to reliability. That is why we only work with partners who have more than proven their worth. Partners such as Microsoft. The most renowned party when it comes to cloud solutions, such as Office 365. And Legal Sense, the best partner when it comes to streamlining your workflow. And with Contentworker as a partner, we offer you a complete document management solution. When it comes to safety, you can be sure that you are safe.

Magistra is an initiative of The Sourcing Company

The Sourcing Company is a Microsoft partner and IT partner of various law firms. We specialize in software solutions aimed at the legal profession and the management of ICT infrastructures. The Sourcing Company strives to provide you with a pleasant workplace. A workplace in which the software solutions and applications that are essential for you are integrated. A workplace where both hardware and software are always up-to-date. A workplace where you do not need a helpdesk. And if you do need some help, you will always be assisted by one of our IT specialists.

The Sourcing Company

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Office in Woerden since 2007

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The Sourcing Company makes working in the cloud possible for all your employees, anytime and anywhere. We are looking for the most suitable and groundbreaking ICT solutions to enable you to work carefree.

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