What can go wrong at the home workplace?

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Wat kan er zoal misgaan op de thuiswerkplek?

Oops, tea or coffee over the keyboard of your laptop. As long as you work in the Cloud, there is little to worry about, because the backups are made automatically. Or not? It can also be the start of something that entails great risks; you turn to the wrong alternative. Only when you know what can go wrong and you are aware of it can you start doing something about it.

"Then the private laptop ..."

The tea or coffee has been removed, yet the laptop no longer works. There is a deadline, so the outdated private laptop is used. Some people even ask the children if they can borrow their laptop. The risk is that these old devices usually do not have recent updates and that children may be using infected apps. Documents, which are then sent to colleagues, can become infected. Not to scare you, but there are even apps that constantly monitor you. Just check in your app settings for which apps the microphone, so your sound, is set to 'allow' by default. Opting for 'refuse' is better to prevent eavesdropping. Unfortunately, more can go wrong at the home workplace.

Bad password policy

To make it as easy as possible for users, companies often forget to apply MFA, Multi Factor Authentication, which means at least two-step verification. Anyone who guesses the password, or perhaps sees it on a note, can access the company network.

See or hear what does not concern colleagues

Never before have you been looked at so often by colleagues through the camera of your laptop. Then it may happen that things or people are on the screen that you would rather not have. You can already protect your privacy by blurring your background in, for example, Microsoft Teams. Only switch on the microphone if you want to speak, 'mute' also makes meetings a lot more pleasant for everyone.

Installing smart devices is not always smart

At home, people work in environments where more and more devices are connected to the internet. Hackers now know that too. The tip is to explain to colleagues more often that speakers, lamps, cameras and doorbell systems are not always as well secured. Just click here to see how a camera from a Chinese brand could possibly monitor the home workplace or infect the network. Products for which there is no password and no updates are developed are strongly discouraged. Cheap will otherwise become very expensive.

More awareness

There are many more examples of what can go wrong. At the home workplace there is a less strong signal of the connection, because the partner or children are also working or studying at home. So then just 'just' use the unsecured connection of the neighbors. Or there is a shift to an external workplace with public internet without any form of security. Without them realizing, they watch ...

Knowing more?

Read additionally this one blog about how to work from home super securely or take Contact us for more information. After all, we not only provide safe workplaces in a Microsoft 365 environment, but also like to think along in the field of awareness.

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