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The Sourcing Company is closely involved in the testing of Azure Stack 

After Microsoft's success in the public cloud with Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure, Microsoft will soon be introducing an extension on Azure, called 'Azure Stack'. This gives you the power of the Microsoft Public cloud ecosystem, but in your own data center. The Sourcing Company has been testing Azure Stack for over a year now. Last year we were asked by Microsoft to participate in a special Non Disclosure Agreement program.

Microsoft Azure is, as most will know, a cloud environment with which Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) and applications (PAAS) can be easily offered. Everything is charged per second, which is why it is very interesting for temporary test and acceptance environments. However, due to the enormous power of the templates (ARM scripting), it is now also gaining in popularity production environments.

With these templates, an environment can not only be rolled out or updated at the touch of a button, but the environment can also be auto-scaling to be made. For example, 20 remote desktop servers can be active during peak times and scaled down to just a single one at the quietest times. This is of course very cost-effective, because the usage is calculated per second.

Azure Stack and Apple iPhone
Microsoft Azure Stack is an extension to Microsoft Azure Public. It is an appliance that contains a stripped-down version of Azure Public. We like to use the metaphor of the smartphone, or rather: of the iPhone when we talk about Microsoft Azure Stack.

You are yourself more or less owns your iPhone. You do not have access to the Operating System (iOS), but you decide which apps you install on it, how you use these apps, when you update to the next version and how you use the cloud. Because Apple supplies the hardware, it is also very stable. In addition, each new generation of iPhone is better and equipped with more storage than the predecessor. In short, it is a powerful ecosystem.

For The Sourcing Company, Azure Stack is comparable to the platform of the iPhone, iOS. Microsoft determines the ecosystem, but the owner of the hardware determines where the system is located and which templates ('apps') run on it. The quality of this template determines the experience that 'the environment' has. In other words, the Microsoft ecosystem has a lot of flexibility.

To top gear thanks to Azure Stack
In mid-2016, we were asked by Microsoft to participate in a special Non Disclosure Agreement program. As true pioneers, we were the first to gain access to the software, sharing our experiences and knowledge gained with Microsoft. Together with three other parties, we recently spent a week in the first wave on the Microsoft campus to 'test' (read: 'hack') the Azure Stack with the Azure Stack team. We have also further developed functionalities and built in new features.

It is also clear that Azure Stack can offer great opportunities for Microsoft. There are currently around 40 locations worldwide from which Microsoft offers the Azure platform. With the advent of Azure Stack, this can become infinite locations around the world.

For The Sourcing Company it means one ecosystem on which we can develop and maintain. This allows our customer to determine where his data is located and at what speed, latency and security his data can be accessed. In our opinion, data integrity, data access and development speed go to top gear!

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