For whom is there space in the office and how do we divide it?

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The Corona crisis has caused a lot. Fortunately, the rules are starting to relax and you see more and more colleagues coming back to the office. Employers and employees are reinventing the role of the office. It got everyone thinking. Is the workplace now primarily a meeting place? You can also perform many office activities from a home workplace. Can we rent a smaller office? The discussion about exactly what we all want when it comes to work is not surprising at all.

Is the open-plan office nearing its end?

The productivity and concentration of employees is lower in the open-plan office than working at the home workplace. But there is another reason why the open-plan office is under discussion. It often turns out to be unhealthy environments with poor ventilation. Sometimes windows can't even be opened to get fresh air in. In corona time, this even appears to cause additional health risks. Are we actually made to sit between four walls for hours? Moreover, it is no longer possible to work with the same number of employees in the open-plan office as before the crisis.

Working from home all week seems like fun ...

In the beginning, working from home all week seemed positive, but after a while it also appears that people suffer from isolation. “You are there, but you are not,” was how one of our employees last described. Because of all that working online, you are slowly starting to lose the bond with colleagues that you do not necessarily need for your work. During an online meeting you miss non-verbal communication, a personal message to a colleague or perhaps a pat on the back. Human beings are physical beings who need to be able to laugh, amaze, amaze and even cry in front of each other to make each other stronger.

The new office

Old offices are classified on the basis of management control and efficiency, but that is not at all in keeping with modern times. Employers will build even more successful businesses if there is literally room for creativity, inspiration, more confidence and the sharing of energy. The new office is a place you go to if you want to brainstorm together and start a creative process together. A place where you would like to go and feel that you are part of a team. The Friday afternoon drinks, a table tennis or billiards table help to maintain team spirit and just 'be there' together.

How do you organize it yourself?

Maybe you no longer need all those square meters of office space at all. For employers, an office with an average lower occupancy can provide significant cost savings, which is of course very interesting. And what about the lower travel costs if more people work from home? Employees are expected to increasingly ask to remain involved with the team they chose at the time. Our advice? Have the discussion with your employees, because safe and working everywhere turns out to be no longer a challenge in many cases. But how do you create a healthy balance between working from home and the office? How do you ensure that employees continue to feel involved with the company?

Do you need help making these choices?

We are happy to think along with you! At our office or online at your home at the kitchen table, but enjoy the summer vacation first, because you deserve that after all those adjustments.

Happy Holidays!

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