Working safely in the cloud, that's how you do it

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Working in the cloud is becoming increasingly popular. It gives you a lot of flexibility, because you can always and everywhere access data and files. The server room at the office is slowly becoming superfluous, the ICT is outsourced to a smart partner and that gives peace and space. In addition to flexibility, you naturally also expect safety. But how do you approach that, working securely in the cloud?

Quality cloud providers

The data you store in the cloud is expensive. So spend time researching a good partner. Before you start looking, it is good to map out the wishes and requirements, so that you know exactly what you are looking for. Also check whether the parties are certified. A certificate does not say everything, but it does give an indication of the quality delivered. There are several certificates such as PCI DSSISO 27001ISO 9001 and ISAE 3402. Choose a certificate that suits your needs. For example, The Sourcing Company has ISO 27001 and NEN 7501 certification from Dekra.


Download our whitepaper 'How do you keep your customer data safe?' and get acquainted with different cloud solutions and Azure Stack. 


Agreement with the cloud partner

Working securely in the cloud starts with a clear agreement with the cloud partner. A professional party has an SLA (Service Level Agreement). Many aspects of the collaboration are laid down in this. It is not a formal contract, but it can be included as an appendix to the contract. The Sourcing Company often offers a complete service and are there for you if there are any problems.


Secure connections and devices

All devices that you and your colleagues use to access the cloud must be equipped with good security software, such as virus scanners. Don't forget the private equipment, which you may use to look up something in the working environment at the weekend. Make sure everyone uses secure passwords and keeps them encrypted in a secure file. Leave nothing to chance.


GDPR in the cloud

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets high standards for the collection and storage of personal data. This is not just a moral code, but European legislation which, if not observed, is punished with serious fines. You want the certainty that the data you store in the cloud is well protected according to the GDPR. Therefore choose a hybrid or a private cloud. The location of the server is known for these cloud solutions. That gives you security and safety.


Would you like to know more about working securely in the cloud?


Do you want to be sure that you work securely in your cloud environment? Or do you want to make the switch to a cloud solution and do you want to be completely sure that this is a safe way to store your company and customer data? Download now the white paper 'How do you keep your customer data safe?' and get to know different cloud solutions and Azure Stack from The Sourcing Company. you can also contact with The Sourcing Company for a no-obligation conversation.

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