Tips to work more efficiently in Word

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Word is much more than a text editing program. Below you can read tips to work more efficiently with Word!

Download here  an overview of the most used Keyboard Shortcuts for Word, handy on A4.

Paragraph sign

By the Paragraph Mark (or Pilcrow, ), hidden characters such as spaces, tabs and enters will be displayed and you will get a good insight into the structure of the text. Unclear indents and sudden formatting changes suddenly become a lot more understandable.

With the shortcut ctrl-shift-8 turn the paragraph mark on or off.

Hard and soft enter

There are two types of return you can use, we call this a hard or a soft return. By just pressing the enter pressing the key selects a hard enter, which indicates a new paragraph. By first holding down the shift key and then pressing enter (shift-enter), choose a soft enter whichever one blank line in the current paragraph. A paragraph is often not visible, until, for example, you remove some blank lines and the layout suddenly jumps! Word now merges the text of both (separate) paragraphs and adjusts the new text to the current formatting of that paragraph.

Page break

In a document where you use different chapters, you often want the next part to start on a new page. By first holding the ctrl key and then pressing enter (ctrl-enter), you choose a page end, everything after the page end is automatically placed at the top of the next page.

Find and replace

If you want to replace a frequently used term in a text, you can easily do so with the search and replace function. Use the keys ctrl-h to call up the function or use the button in the Home tab. In the first box, type the text you want to find and replace, in the second box, type the text you want to place. With 'Replace all' you can immediately make the changes for the entire document. With 'Find next' you first search for the text and then you can choose to replace.

Check out this too instructional video from Microsoft.

Track changes

As soon as several people are working on a document, it can be nice to see what changes have been made. This becomes clear with the 'track changes' function. This instructional video from Microsoft clearly shows how it works.

Formatting styles

You can define a standard layout in the layout styles, which you often use. Think of font, font size, but also line spacing and enumerations. In addition to a layout for your normal text, you can also specify what a heading, sub-heading or hyperlink should look like. Right-click a style in the Styles gallery and then click Modify to make adjustments.

Compare documents

It is possible to compare two documents, for example a revised version of a contract that you receive, to see what the differences are from the previous document. Select the Compare option in the Review tab. Depending on what you want to compare, choose the right option. As soon as you have selected two documents and start comparing, the differences between the documents will appear very clearly on the left of the screen.

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