Stop cybercrime! How we make it difficult for hackers

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Stop cybercrime! Hoe we het hackers moeilijk maken

Secure digital collaboration first and foremost has to do with awareness. That's why we wrote in our previous blog how employees can prevent phishing and how to share this blog with them. Yet more appears to be needed to make it more difficult for hackers, because international hacker networks are getting smarter. Time to counteract:

Provide a good virus scanner

Always install a good virus scanner on your laptop, PC, but also your smartphone. They can recognize and remove a virus in time. Fortunately, virus scanners are increasingly integrated as standard. For example, Windows 10 is called “The most secure Windows ever”, because digital security is regulated by Microsoft as standard.

Use strong login options

This can be a strong password, MFA (Multi Factor Authentication), but also facial recognition or biometric login that are present in Windows Hello. The more personal characteristics are used, the more difficult it becomes for the hacker.

Only install apps from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore

These are apps that have been officially tested for safe use. Hackers can break into your network via rogue apps that are not registered. So also make a policy of this towards employees by prohibiting the installation of apps outside the recognized app stores.

Stop using public WiFi connections!

There will probably be many people who read this and do it anyway. Then go to this one video to see what “Free WiFi Utrecht” can do. Do you continue to use public WiFi that does not require a password?

Work with up-to-date operating systems

Old operating systems, such as Windows XP or Windows Server 2008, are no longer supported by Microsoft. That means it is getting easier for hackers to get in. They have already found this entrance with a comparable customer or person and you have therefore become an easy prey.

Check software versions periodically

Hackers not only enter through outdated operating systems, but also through a Java client or Macro Media Flash Player that has not been updated. Data leaks can suddenly occur in outdated software versions.

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Did you know that even a security camera can be unsafe? A hacker who can take over control sees whether someone is present or not. This can be at home or at the workplace. In the worst case, people will look over your shoulder when logging in a password. In addition, 'looking across the board' means that you have to expect the unexpected. Once upon a time there was a hacker who could ask a hospital for a ransom, because he could break into the network via the forgotten and outdated Windows PC of the infusion pump. The more devices we link to the internet (IoT, Internet of Things), the more important this last tip will become.

How current is this message?

Finally, a figure of a normal day in November 2020. On a Thursday we stopped as spam of 32,500 e-mail messages from customers we do Managed Services for! How do we make it harder for hackers together? Especially because of the in secure public Cloud environments to arrange.

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