Moment of choice: Sand in your laptop or look at clouds?

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Fortunately, nowadays we can be reached by everything and everyone everywhere, including on vacation! If you don't have WiFi at hand, just use your phone's hotspot. Or does this not make you happy? It is uncomfortable if you leave an expensive laptop, smartphone or iBook in your bag. After all, you never know whether some miscreant has taken care of your things.

Look up instead of down

Real clouds, the clouds, are more beautiful to look at than applications from cloud environments that can also chase you on vacation via smartphones and tablets. Even when there are dark clouds and it rains, you shouldn't actually work in the hotel room, holiday home or caravan during your vacation. But there is a good chance that you will contact the company or a colleague for 'just a moment'. After all, you are digitally connected to everyone. To prevent that, a practical tip; respect each other's holidays and give the opportunity to rest. That is a great step. The second step you can take is to imagine what will happen if you have constant accessibility. As long as you need WiFi for digital games, the Internet will also know where to find your email outlook. And then you go again for a moment… .exactly.

How else can you look at real clouds?

Being completely 'off' is the best remedy, but there are people who get spontaneous panic attacks and become completely stressed. Holidays are even canceled if Wi-Fi is not available. To still have time for real clouds, or even better for a beautiful blue sky, you can do a number of smart things before your holiday. Make sure your caller ID is on, then you can see who is calling and whether you want to answer. Let your most important customers know that you are 'off the air' for a while because you want to look into the sky. Ask a good colleague to take over all your important activities during your absence. Of course you handed everything over to him or her a few days prior to your holiday. And to friends, family and acquaintances you just give the old-fashioned number of the hotel or other holiday location where you can be reached.

Of course you make the choice yourself

This blog was mainly to make you think. Sometimes we may be too concerned, such as the fact that we think we should even be reachable by bike or that colleagues should be allowed to email you day and night. In our opinion, a holiday is mainly with your feet in the sand, a good conversation with each other, time for each other, meeting new people not online but in real life and genuinely being amazed at beautiful sunrises or sunsets.

Enjoy a relaxing holiday!

We greatly appreciate feedback on how you feel about it.

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