The business value of Microsoft flow for app users

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Everyone is an app user nowadays. Just look how many are on your own desktop or smartphone. But how do you let your favorite apps talk to each other? After all, many applications are used in a process that is carried out from start to finish. Microsoft Flow is the answer to this by linking apps in a logical way.

Automating workflows

Do more in less time and work smarter, that is the wish of 'users of Microsoft Flow. Four examples to illustrate:

  • No more having to check your e-mail dozens of times a day, because you automatically receive a text message with a new message.
  • A customer who tweets to or about your company is automatically sent certain information, which is retrieved from a SharePoint environment.
  • For a marketing campaign, a workflow is created that includes the Salesforce app, so that the database data is added immediately.
  • For the approval of an important document, an approval is automatically sent by e-mail to the management.

Low code development makes workflow accessible

Microsoft Power apps and Flow are low code applications. That means it is relatively easy for anyone to create a time-saving workflow. After all, you don't have to write any code for it. And the apps that are connected can also be non-Microsoft. Think of previously mentioned examples such as Twitter and Salesforce. The application 'Connections' in Flow looks at various data sources such as CRM systems, MailChimp, Google Drive or personal Dropboxes that contain useful addresses. Of course you still give permission yourself whether it is allowed to look in it.

Who Owns the Workflows?

Microsoft Flow already comes with some useful workflows as standard. For example, to clarify on the smartphone for service desk employees which outstanding issues still exist and which priority they should be given. This creates the interesting situation that creating a workflow is suddenly not necessarily an IT affair. In practice, situations even arise where business managers, often with an interest in IT, are busy developing a usable workflow that the IT department knows nothing about. Smart or not? That can be discussed.

Start with a good plan

We have described the great value of Microsoft Flow. After all, everyone is an app user and can benefit from the benefits of Microsoft Flow. Good use delivers'Work less and do more'on. It ensures that colleagues work more logically than working on all kinds of separate applications on a daily basis and manually transporting all kinds of information between different sub-processes.

Do you want to make a good plan together to better organize workflow processes and keep control?

Then fill in here fill in the contact form, call telephone number 088 - 77 11 000 or e-mail: servicedesk@thesourcingcompany.nl

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