"The basis is always to get even better .."

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“De basis is altijd om nog beter te worden..”

He is 27 years old, works in the support department and has recently joined us on a permanent basis. He has previously gained experience in ICT, as a helpdesk and ICT employee. This is the energetic story of Joey Klinkenberg in which he explains, among other things, with four statements, what his work means for customers of The Sourcing Company.

"Learn as much as possible from others"

Joey helps customers with hardware problems and has many product-specific issues, because he also pays a lot of attention to them in private time. He has chosen to work for The Sourcing Company because they work in a team and there is a lot of room to learn from each other. “The team is the foundation for getting even better,” explains Joey. Because we learn from each other, a broad mutual knowledge is created and customers can be helped much faster. Joey says that this is really different from his previous work experiences. His opinion is that dividing up too much work in a support department leads to 'pillar to post' behavior. This is basically prevented by learning from each other.

"You can take responsibility yourself"

The lines are short at The Sourcing Company. “Working in the support department of TSC means that when a customer approves, you don't have to go to all kinds of managers for approval, but you just look for the very best solution yourself,” says Joey. He explains that this is also a precondition for becoming better and better and finding even better answers for customers.

"We make things easier for customers"

The pleasure in his work is mainly because most TSC customers ask for modern new solutions. This may concern easy-to-use functionalities of the public Cloud Azure Stack, but also the ease of using a laptop. “With Microsoft Autopilot, for example, getting a new laptop really becomes a gift. We send everything pre-installed to our customers, they log in and can get started right away, ”explains Joey. In the past, employees had to wait at a service counter.

"Continuing to help customers is continuously increasing knowledge"

Customer questions are very variable and in order to be able to solve everything that comes in, Joey believes that he should be constantly working on knowledge development. That is why he has also obtained the Microsoft MS-900 certificate for Microsoft Fundamentals, but also the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. Helping customers, solving problems and offering alternatives is what Joey enjoys every day.

Do you have a question about hardware, Microsoft Office 365 or Azure?

Then take Contact us and who knows, you might get Joey on the line.

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