Data storage in the cloud, the 3 best options for secure data storage

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Data storage is more and more a theme for a growing number of companies and organizations. With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), legislation has been tightened considerably. This has serious consequences for many companies. But not only the GDPR, also the large amount of data (big data) requires secure and structured data storage. In addition, the demand for flexible and always accessible data is increasing. More and more companies are switching to cloud storage as a result. We give you the 3 best solutions in the field of data storage in a cloud:

1. Data storage in a private cloud

private cloud is a data space that is specially reserved for a single company or person. Similar to managing your own server, but in a cloud environment. This means that control over the data is very high. A private cloud differs from other cloud forms because it does not reside on shared hardware, the cloud server can even be located in your company's own data center. However, the costs for this solution are high. A distinction can often be made within organizations between highly sensitive data (such as files and company-sensitive information) or public data such as images that can be downloaded freely on your website. The question is to what extent you need a complete private cloud system for the storage of your data.

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2. Data storage in the public cloud

With the advent of the cloud, many new possibilities arose. In the beginning, many companies and organizations were a bit hesitant with a migration to a cloud. Rightly so; people want to be sure that the data storage complies with the high privacy and security requirements. Many companies have already switched from their own servers to public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure since the security level is very good. Switching to a public cloud can offer you many advantages, such as having access to your secured data from anywhere. The big difference with a public cloud compared to a private cloud is that the hardware on which the cloud runs is from an external (often foreign) party such as Microsoft, Amazon, etc. Within the new legislation and regulations General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) It may be necessary for certain data to store the data on Dutch territory, so that governments of other countries are not allowed to access your data.


3. Hybrid data storage on the Azure Stack

There has been a serious shift in work for years. The so-called “new way of working” demands greater responsibility from employees, but at the same time offers them more flexibility. Think of working from home or working on location. Data storage in the cloud makes it much easier to meet these preconditions, as data and software are accessible anytime and anywhere. Working while on a business trip abroad, updating the timesheets on Wednesday evenings from home, and digging into the archives if you're on the train and need data from a few years ago. The cloud solution of Azure Stack is fully in line with these developments.


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