Corporation guide LIVE became LIVE Online

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The old familiar form of the CorporatieGids LIVE Knowledge Day could not take place this year due to the stricter corona rules for events. That is why the event was renamed CorporatieGids LIVE Online! A very nice and successful initiative. We held a knowledge session this day and it is now possible to review it.

The Knowledge Session: Combining security and flexibility in the public and private cloud = pleasant working

Digitizing in 2020 is almost insurmountable. Cloud terms are flying around your ears, everything can be done digitally, everything can be done faster, better, more efficiently .. The Sourcing Company helps companies in this digitization, what is the right route for your corporation, what can be done faster, better, more efficiently and at least the same. important; safer! The digital transition must take place safely, only then can the users work carefree and pleasantly.

Watch the knowledge session!


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