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Online meetings had to be even better, even more, just like in the office. Recent Microsoft customer research has shown that many online meetings make people tired. That's why some impressive improvements are being announced in Microsoft Teams that we can expect to see in mid-August. Here is a brief overview and also a link from Microsoft where you can find all information about these improvements.

Together mode, better interaction

People miss the feeling of really being together from the home workplace. But that problem will soon be solved. Together mode puts meeting participants in a shared background. It therefore seems as if you are sitting around a table together. Where you cannot properly recognize the non-verbal signals of participants at the moment, this is the case with this new function. This is expected to greatly enhance human interaction.

Reflect Messaging, how are team members feeling?

The user is even more central to Microsoft. Because what about the well-being of employees during the corona crisis? With a new feature called Reflect Messaging, team members can make this known anonymously. This provides managers with a means by which they can ensure that there is a good balance between work and private life.

Chat Bubbles, chat with everyone on the screen

Just like the office, you don't want to miss out on discussions of other colleagues during the meeting. There is the chat function for that, but you have to turn it on at this time. Chat Bubbels automatically activates chat messages for every participant, so that nothing is missed, less misunderstandings arise and more efficient meetings can be held.

Dynamic Display, even easier to share information

This new feature makes it easier to show and side-by-side shared content to participants. In Dynamic View there will also be a gallery view of up to 49 people who can be in a meeting at the same time. Interesting is the possibility to split groups, just like in real meetings, so that workshops or break-outs can be organized, for example.

Live Reactions

Seeing colleagues' emotions during an online meeting is challenging. That is why emojis are available with which you can, for example, respond to a presentation; applause!

Want to know everything about the Microsoft Teams updates? Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, recently shared highly personally this one blog.

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