6 Things I've Learned in IT

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Working in IT, how fun, challenging and inspiring is that really? As a guest blogger I would like to share my personal experiences that I have gained at The Sourcing Company over the past three years. My name is Anthony Kersten, 28 years old and Technical Specialist in the field of Microsoft SharePoint, among others. These are the 6 things I have learned, where I think 'passion' is the keyword.

IT there is nothing better (for me)

First of all, this is a personal comment, but I hope that customers I am in contact with will experience it that way. It is really nice to work on fun and exciting projects that empower customers, but also colleagues, and improve their daily work. That is what gives me the feeling every day that I can contribute to serious customer challenges with the help of IT.

You must be willing to learn continuously

If you want to remain of value in IT, a regular training will soon become outdated. MBO or HBO doesn't say much in my opinion. If you always want customers to benefit from modern applications and applications that support the business, you will always have to be up-to-date. You simply cannot achieve a head start for customers with outdated technology.

Medium-sized companies are capable of great achievements

More than three years ago I started working at The Sourcing Company. A conscious choice, because I did not want to work for a very small company, but also not for a large giant. Every day I experience energy in our teams where on the one hand we have everything in-house to help customers and on the other hand we also form a close team together and can respond adequately to customer questions. In today's rapidly changing markets, I strongly believe that this is where the added value of medium-sized IT organizations like ours lies.

Broad development is smart

If you want to be able to oversee the big picture, you really have to get started in IT yourself. Since 2015 I have obtained the MCSE SharePoint, Messaging and Productivity as well as the certificates for MCSA Office 365 and Cloud Plaform. In addition, this year I completed the certificate for Azure Solutions Architect Expert and the certificate Enterprise Administrator Expert.

Working with passion means success

Passion is the keyword for me. Because IT is about constantly creating new things, facing challenges and being able to deal with change. Anyone who works in this industry without passion and a 'slow down from 9 to 5 mentality' will probably become more stressed in IT. You have to be a bit of a workaholic for it to be fair.

Working in IT offers opportunities to see the whole world

Finally, I couldn't believe my eyes at the time. At the beginning of 2017, I had only been employed for six months and I was asked if I would like to go to America with a number of colleagues. A dream came true, I was allowed to go to the worldwide Microsoft event in Seattle when I was 26. So if you see someone walking around with us wearing Microsoft-sponsored T-shirts, it could be me.


I hope that customers of The Sourcing Company continue to experience our shared passion. In addition, I would like to make an appeal if you know people who recognize themselves in “IT, there is nothing better for me!” Then go to the page “Pleasant working at The Sourcing Company”.

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