Microsoft Azure Stack

A pleasurable cloud computing environment which guarantees your data is saved in the Netherlands, with a Dutch company and with the benefit of all available public cloud functions? Azure Stack makes this possible.

The Sourcing Company believes that everyone can work anywhere in the cloud with great satisfaction. Our satisfaction comes from using our passion and enthusiasm to find the best-fitting and most ground-breaking IT solution for our users which offers them complete peace of mind in all manner of working environments. Our guiding principles are to achieve more by doing less every single day, and to work smarter through automation and highly efficient processes. We are a huge fan of innovative technology; we implement Visual Scripting and have developed a complete software solution ('Magistra') for the legal sector. Our hybrid and private cloud are our pride and joy. We complete this state-of-the-art picture with Microsoft Azure Stack







A huge dilemma for countless organizations: hybrid cloud as a prerequisite?

Very few companies want to physically set up their own datacentres as a long-term project. Today's IT applications require a large percentage of company IT environment capacity. So large, in fact, that more and more data is being diverted to the public cloud. Azure from Microsoft offers a large range of services in the public cloud. It has earned its place in the digital transformation and modernisation of applications that help companies, employees and customers optimize their activities. However, some applications are not permitted to be made available in the public cloud, often due to laws and regulations. This is why an increasing number of companies are opting for on premise management of their most important applications and data. This has now become possible with Azure Stack, which offers public cloud services within a private cloud; a hybrid cloud with an Azure environment managed under the same strict conditions as your own data centre. In other words, the best of both worlds.


Make the switch to Azure Stack 

Azure Stack offers a number of tremendous benefits, as well as a unique opportunity to take your first step up into the cloud. With Azure Stack, your business will experience lower costs, more flexibility and the increased business agility that the cloud offers. The public Azure variant, already implemented by many, has more than proven itself in recent years. Stack is its extension, with a smaller footprint within an on premise data centre. Azure Stack has the same user interface and APIs (development) as the Azure public cloud. When switching over, you can simply use those familiar functions that you and your employees are already used to.

Azure Stack offers huge advantages. In order to make the switch the environment is rebuilt by TSC. The complete (and expensive) server landscape of the private cloud, often containing idle or under-implemented services, is left far behind. The new stack and desired landscape are set up using automatization and standardisation; services and managed services are skilfully allocated their place. TSC manages these services which can be used by customers. Using templates, an environment can eventually be scaled up, deployed or updated at the touch of a button. All of this done in close consultation, of course.





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