We are the Cloud provider with the focus on ultimate service around our own WebInfra Cloud platform. Our goal is to make people work pleasantly. With this Cloud platform, which is fully owned by us, built by ourselves and managed by us on a daily basis, we serve the user directly. We only A-class products in our Cloud.

In addition to our own environment we have collaborated with Microsoft in order to deliver Azure, Azure Stack and Hybrid Cloud solutions to our clients. We have the status of Microsoft Cloudstanding partner. This makes us one of the thirteen best Cloud providers in The Netherlands.

With our services we focus on medium sized companies (between 25 and 500 workplaces) and on advising on IT issues, where we take the role of 'host'. We want to give our relations the feeling that they are welcome at all times.

What makes us unique is the way we look at services. We do not work according to the traditional first, second and third line philosophy. With us, every specialist contributes to the support and control work and because of this the resolving power within the first contact is over 85%. This results in a very high customer satisfaction.

Want to know more about working in the Cloud? Watch the video below!

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