Magistra The complete and efficient workspace for the legal sector


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Anywhere, at any time

Anywhere, at any time

Whether you are at the office, on the road or at home, you will always have access to your email and documents. 

Safe and up-to-date

Safe and up-to-date 

Our data is securely stored in The Netherlands and you will always have access tot the latest version of your applications. 

Online collaboration

Online collaboration

Secure & efficient collaboration and sharing files is easier than ever, wherever you are. 

The complete workspace
for the legal sector.

Magistra is a software solution specially designed for the legal sector aimed at creating the best online workspace for legal professionals. 

A workspace where time tracking, creating and sharing documents and maintaining contacts is integrated seamlessly. Secure, efficient and always accessible, everywhere you go. 


The perfect tool for any lawyer

Legalsense urenregistratie

Legalsense time tracking

Eenvoudig en nauwkeurig
Easy and accurate time tracking based on specific units set by you. 
Geregistreerde uren worden

Registered time is linked to case files, ensuring an up-to-date overview..

Geavanceerde opties voor

Advanced options for searching, reporting, declaring and invoicing of hours. 

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

gewend bent

Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more: always the latest version of the applications you are used to. 


Collaborating and communicating with colleagues and clients using Skype for Business. 

e-mail en agenda

Your email and calendar are always synchronized, and your date securely stored in The Netherlands. 

Contentworker filesharing

Contentworker filesharing

Veilig delen van en

Securely share and collaborate on documents with colleagues and external people. 

Verschillende rechtenstructuren

Various rights management structures for file and folder access. 

Real time samenwerken

Real-time collaboration and notifications on file changes. 

We demand the highest standards
from our partners. Just like you.


We don't take a single risk when it comes to reliability. That's why we only work with partners who have proven their mark. Parners like Microsoft, the most reputable company when it comes to cloud solutions like Office 365. And legalsense, the best partner when it comes to streamlining your workflow. And with contentworker as our partner we offer you a complete management solution. 

Magistra, an iniative of The Sourcing Company 

The Sourcing Company is Microsoft partner and IT-partner for several law firms. We are specialized in software solutions aimed at the legal sector and managing their IT infrastructure. Our goal is to provide you with a pleasant workplace. A workplace where the essential software solutions and application are all integrated. A workplace where both the hardware and the software are always up-to-date. A workplace you don't need a helpdesk for. And when you do eventually need some help, you will always be suported by one of our IT specialists. 

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The Sourcing Company

Our IT professionals are there for you.

Sinds 2007, kantoor in Woerden

Since 2007, office
in Woerden

40 IT-specialisten in dienst

40 IT-specialists employed

Microsoft partner


24/7 support


Altijd één aanspreekpunt

Always a single point of contact

500+ juridische werkplekken

500+ legal workspaces

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